India's First Live Escape Game

Team-work and co-ordination is key to deal with time pressure, and meet the problem-solving challenges we set for you at Clue Hunt. Two is indeed better than one if you want to escape...
You might be a math wiz or have an IQ of 145. But Clue Hunt will put your mind to test. Here you will have to use every bit of your grey matter and use exceptional deductive skills to escape successfully...
At Clue Hunt, you will realize that problem-solving can be so much fun. With the challenge of completing a task in 60 minutes that requires focus, comes the joy of solving it with your team...
Time spent at Clue Hunt guarantees to be the fastest 60 minutes of your life! Every second counts while you are locked inside the game room. Manage time well to get out successfully. Time is indeed precious...
At Clue Hunt, we have designed our games that will need all your combined brains & courage! You shall be afraid when you see our brainy challenges. Face your fear and plan your escape...

“60 minutes of cerebral fun

The most fun thing to do in Mumbai!”


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This was a great experience. It is such a well-structured concept and is also challenging and stimulating! A must try! Very well done to the entire team, and we look forward to further sessions!
Amar Chotai
TripAdvisor Review -  Clue Hunt Andheri
It was a brilliant mind blowing experience! We really had fun... The mystery was too good and kept us occupied.
Rajani Damani
Facebook Review -  Clue Hunt Kurla
Great place to spend your weekend doing something different!! One of the best new activities in town. Make sure you do it in a group of friends or with family. It's not easy but its a LOT OF FUN!!
Hanif Sama
Google Review -  Clue Hunt Bandra
Absolutely exhilarating experience!Amazing concept and brilliant set up...Had a wonderful time playing the real life escape game at Clue Hunt.. We played the Prisoners Escape at Todi Mills.. And can't wait to complete the rest of the challenges as well.. A must do for adventure seekers.
Dinesh Bijoor
TripAdvisor Review -  Clue Hunt Lower Parel
We had a good time at Clue Hunt Bandra and look forward to visiting other mystery rooms soon :) All the Best and Keep up the good work. 5 stars!
Sameer Rane
Email Feedback -  Clue Hunt Bandra
I went to a Clue Hunt competitor in Bangalore...and it was not even half as fun as Clue Hunt!! You guys do an amazing job! And make Mumbai so much more entertaining! :)
Prapti Doshi
Watsapp Review -  Clue Hunt Kurla